I was raised in the cool and moist forests of western Oregon with days spent meditating while walking the beaches and peering into the tide pools of the Oregon Coast. I have a visceral fondness for stones, ferns, wool, textures, tiny things, and the bright rain-washed colors of blooming flowers.

In my work, I transform naturally smooth stones into soothing and meditative objects of art. On some stones, I hand-paint dotted mandala designs using multiple layers of brilliant acrylic paints to create captivating 3-D textures. On other stones after wet-felting them with wool fibers, I adorn them with hand-embroidered blossoms and leaves. I source my stones from the coasts of the Pacific Northwest and beaches around Lake Superior. I also needle-felt wool garden themed pictures often featuring delightful bumble bees with silk wings.

I am a life-long and self-taught maker. Since 2016 and after my retirement from teaching at Iowa State University, I have focused on creating my beautiful and soothing stones. I sell at a variety of indoor and outdoor art shows in the midwest, as well as maintain an online shop. I also enjoy teaching classes and do so throughout the year at garden nurseries, wineries, art galleries, in offices and homes. I thrive on interactions with my students and customers.

Betty Chamness Trost