Double Heart Stone: Need a unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, friendship? I hand paint these stones with tiny dots acrylic paint. Approximately 3" across. Expect variations as each stone is unique. Priced per stone. $40. Click here to order.

Host a "Sips & Stones" painting class! I'll come to your home, conference room, winery, girls' night out group ( get the picture...) to teach the class. I'll bring all the supplies and expertise for each person to paint a beautiful and soothing indoor/outdoor stone. You provide the space, beverages, and snacks...Call me to schedule a date and time for you and your friends!  (515) 250-7929. Two hours, $40/person, all supplies included. Class fee is non-refundable.

In my shop you’ll find soothing and meditative art objects made of smooth stones. I handpaint dotted mandala designs using layers of brilliant colors that create glorious textures. 

A Heart Stone: Little gift of love. And comfort. And thanks. A single small flat stone hand painted with colorful dots of acrylic paint, approximately 2" across. Expect slight variations as each stone is unique! $20 each. Click here to order.

​Embroidered Stones: What? 

After I hand felt wool fiber around a stone, I hand stitch it with bright colors and patterns. With the stone inside and the wool outside they have satisfying weight and warmth. These stones are approximately 2.5” across and begin at $40. Click here to see what stones are available.

Three Smooth Betty Chamness Trost

Triple Heart Stone: New baby or grandbaby in your life? In a friend's life? This stone is a wonderful momento or gift. Each stone is unique but approximately 3" across. A treasure. $40. Click here to order.